Resource owner - MAIN PRO GLOBAL LTD

Registration - United Kingdom, EC2A 4AA 41 Tabernacle Street, London,

Private limited Company

Company number: 11959238

Nature of business:

Publishing of computer games

Other information technology service activities


Adults are allowed to register on this resource.

Each user can create one account, which is forbidden to transfer to other persons, even relatives.

When registering, you must specify the email address, username and password.

Participants are required to enter reliable information that is verified by the administration.

The rules and regulations determine the relationship between the participant (hereinafter - “User”, “Client” or “You”, “Your”, “You”) and MAIN PRO GLOBAL LTD

The following terms and conditions apply to:

  • Supplier’s Site (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”);
  • Servers, software, portal, database related to this site and the proposed games / tournaments / lotteries;
  • Game resources - elements and methods of gameplay used in games / tournaments / lotteries to which the User has access;
  • Other Provider services, including customer support (the “Services").
  • The methods of using the Provider’s services, including PCs, mobile devices, as well as other types of software and / or equipment, do not affect the scope of these rules and regulations.

The supplier reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions to reflect:

  • legislative changes;
  • service changes;
  • changes in the methodology for the use and storage of user data.
  • The Supplier is not obligated to inform the User about changes to the Rules and Regulations.

Using any materials of the Site and participating in tournaments and lotteries, you confirm that you accept these rules and regulations and undertake to fully comply with them, as well as familiar with the privacy policy, payment policy and the KYC procedure, which are integral parts of the Agreement.

By registering on the Site, the User confirms his readiness to comply with all points of the Agreement, which also has legal force.

The use of materials and services of the Site is prohibited to persons under the age of majority or the legal age prescribed in the legislation of the country in which the User resides.

By accepting this Agreement and using the content of the Site, the User agrees not to violate the current law of his country.

Users are encouraged to keep copies of the Rules and Regulations, as well as letters of confirmation of payments.

1. Definitions of these Terms and Conditions
1.1. User - an individual with sufficient legal capacity to enter into an Agreement, registered on the Site and having the right to use the offers of the Site in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, the Privacy Policy, the Payment Policy and the KYC procedure.

1.2. The Game is the Provider’s multimedia product, which is available on the Site and is an independent copyright object used to organize Gameplay, and is also a computer program that includes game resources, additions, updates to the Game and databases.

1.3. Tournament - a competition in games, which is held for the audience and implies the presence of prize money.
The tournament may be part of a large gathering or be part of a gaming event.

1.4. Lottery - a type of game, which includes drawing numbers for a cash prize.

1.5. Legislation - the legislation of the state in which the Client is located or resides.

1.6. Content - text materials, audio and video files, graphics, animation, images and other information created for the Site.

1.7. Game account - created upon registration on the Site, allows the User to place bets and make deposits, and the Supplier to identify each Client.

1.8. Game rules - the provisions according to which the user participates in the game process.

1.9. Tournament rules - the provisions according to which the user participates in the tournament.

1.10. Lottery rules - the provisions according to which the user participates in the lottery.

2. Preventing Health Problems
2.1. Use of the Provider’s Services and access to the Games should be terminated by the User if he has the following symptoms:

  • epilepsy
  • dizzy
  • blurred vision
  • eye or muscle cramps
  • loss of consciousness
  • disorientation
  • cramps during gameplay

3. Game Rules
3.1. All the rules of the games presented on the Site are available in the section of each of the games.

3.2. The Provider gives the Client the right to use the Games on the basis of the Rules and Regulations of the Site in the territory specified in the Regulations, as well as in accordance with the Privacy Policy, Payment Policy and KYC Procedure.

3.3. The maintenance of the games of the Site is carried out exclusively by authorized representatives of the Supplier.

3.4. The Supplier determines the territory on which the Site is operated and access to the Services and the use of the Games of this site is provided.

3.5. The Provider may provide updates and new versions of the Games of the Site, the content of which is set at the discretion of the Provider.

3.6. Game results are determined by a random number generator (RNG).

4. Team Game Rules
The rules of the team game, including the mechanics, organization, conditions for participation, the prize pool, are prescribed in the section of the Team Game Site.
From the moment you click the "Participate" button, the Client accepts the terms of this game.

5. Lottery Rules
The rules of each lottery, including the mechanics, organization, conditions of participation, prize pool, are determined in the section of the Lottery Website. The user accepts the terms of the lottery from the moment you click the "Participate" button.

6. Responsible Gaming Behavior
6.1. The Supplier may suspend the account at the request of the Customer for a period of 15 days, 3 months, 6 months or in full.

6.2. The user has the right to close his account at any time.
To do this, you must log in to your account and send a request to the Supplier’s support chat, indicating the term of blocking and the reason for blocking the account.

6.3. Play responsibly and stop the game on time.
Remember, gambling can be addictive.

7. User Game Account
7.1. Registration and opening of a game account is carried out on the site

7.1.1. To participate in the games of the Site, the Client is required to register and make a deposit to his Game account.

7.1.2. The supplier has the right to determine the suppliers of payment systems that will operate, receive funds and make payments on behalf of the Site.

7.1.3. For each User, only one account on the Site is allowed.
In case of violation of this condition, the Supplier may block or completely close one or all user accounts.

7.1.4. If the Client has noticed that he has more than one Game account on the Site under different names, you must immediately contact the support service.

7.1.5. Applications for opening an account are carried out by filling out the registration form.
The provider reserves the right to refuse to open a game account.

7.1.6. In the registration form, you must confirm your identity, email address, nickname, unique password to enter the system.
The information provided must be reliable and correct.
Otherwise, the user account may be locked or closed.

7.1.7. To register, the Client must select a nickname and password that will be used to access the Site.
This data cannot be disclosed to third parties.

7.1.8. The Supplier is not responsible for any damage that the User will suffer as a result of unauthorized use of his password by another person, as well as for unauthorized access to the Client's account.
Any transactions according to which the User name and password have been entered are considered valid.
Customers are advised to regularly change their password in order to secure their account.
Supplier representatives do not ask users about their passwords.
Users are advised to disable the password storage function in the browser in order to ensure stable operation of the program for protection against viruses, spyware and a firewall on the Client’s device.
The User must immediately be notified of the loss or unauthorized use of the User’s password.

7.1.9. Loss of password and refusal to participate in games / tournaments / lotteries on the Site do not serve as the basis for any compensation.

7.2. The funds are distributed to the User account created on this site.

7.2.1. The provider does not provide loans to participate in the Games.

7.2.2. The Client agrees that the funds deposited by him into his Gaming account do not have criminal and / or illegal and / or unauthorized origin.

7.2.3. The User’s game account is not a bank account, any types of insurance will not be available.
Also, no interest will be charged on funds that are in the Game account.

7.3. Payments are made in accordance with the winnings to the account of the User’s Game account on the Site.

7.3.1. In case of erroneous crediting of the Client’s account with winnings or bonuses, the credited amount will be withdrawn from the User’s account.
If the User withdraws funds before the Supplier becomes aware of the error, this amount will be considered the User’s debt to the Supplier.
Erroneous transfers of funds or bonuses should be immediately reported to support representatives.

7.3.2. The Supplier has the right to verify any payment by requesting a Hash transaction from the Client.

7.4. Funds are withdrawn from the account of the game account of the User.

7.4.1. To withdraw winnings, any amount in the participant’s account is available.

7.4.2. Winnings are withdrawn to the specified details by the User.

7.4.3. Supplier’s representatives do not accept withdrawal requests by phone or email.

7.4.4. The maximum payout per month is unlimited.

7.4.5. Depending on the payment method, the withdrawal of funds may be accompanied by a commission.

7.4.6. The withdrawal takes place in the same currency that was used to replenish the game account.

7.4.7. Users are prohibited from placing and withdrawing funds from the system if they are used as an intermediate object for transferring money.

7.4.8. The maximum processing time for a withdrawal request is up to 5 business days.

7.4.9. The withdrawal of funds will be carried out in the same way as the deposit was made.

7.4.10. The Supplier has the right to set its limits on the minimum and maximum amount of deposit and withdrawal of funds for the transaction and change them at any time at its discretion and without prior notice, but with the announcement of the details on the Site within 14 (fourteen) business days from the date of entry into force of new conditions.

7.4.11. The Supplier reserves the right in some cases, according to the requirements regarding the prevention of money laundering, to block the withdrawal of the User’s funds until the rate of such User’s rates exceeds the deposit of such a User by at least 3 times.

7.5. Account closure is carried out on the Site.

7.5.1. If the User’s account is inactive for 180 days (the Account Holder does not make deposits, bets or withdrawals), such an account is considered inactive.
The supplier reserves the right to disable such an account and withdraw available funds.

7.6. Additional terms

7.6.1. Access to the portal offers is open exclusively to persons who have reached the age appropriate to the legislation.
The Supplier has the right to suspend the Client's account until the User confirms that he has reached the required age.

If after verification it turns out that the User who has not reached the age of majority has committed transactions on the Site, in this case:

  • the account of such Client will be canceled;
  • any transactions will be canceled.

7.6.2. The user is not allowed:

  • use the services of the Site under the account of another user;
  • transfer your account or acquire it from another user, exchange it or receive it as a gift;
  • use someone else’s contact information for newsletters (spam).

8. Bonus Special Provisions
8.1 To encourage Customers, the resource from time to time offers bonuses to Customers (deposit and non-deposit), a referral program, free spins, tournaments, lotteries and other types of bonuses.

8.1.1 Users can receive additional bonus offers in newsletters by e-mail, telegram channel or individually from the Site.

8.1.2. We reserve the right to change, edit, supplement the rules and regulations for the use of bonuses at any time.
It is Customer’s responsibility to periodically review the rules and regulations.

9. Requests are sent in the following cases:
9.1. Clarification of the rules of games, tournaments, promotions and lotteries, the Rules and Regulations, the Privacy Policy, the Payment Policy and the KYC procedure.

9.2. Errors in the operation of the Site, including technical malfunctions, failures in games / lotteries, etc.), if any malfunctions of the functionality do not depend on the Client.

10. Customer Responsibilities
10.1. Before using the services of the Site, the User must make sure that all actions of the Supplier are carried out in accordance with the legislation of the State of residence of the User.

10.2. If the User does not agree with the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Payment Policy and the KYC procedure, he is obliged to stop playing and using any materials on the portal.

10.3. Follow the established standards in relation to the Supplier, observe intellectual property rights (it is forbidden to copy, distribute, transmit, publish texts, images, audio or video without the prior written consent of the Supplier).

10.4. Follow Supplier’s instructions obtained by any means in a game, tournament or lottery.
Failure to comply with the instructions entitles the Provider to suspend, restrict or terminate the Client’s access to the game, tournament or lottery.

10.5. To compensate the Supplier or other Users for any losses incurred by them as a result of unlawful actions of the Client.

10.6. Notify the Supplier of cases of violation by other Users of the current Rules and Regulations.

10.7. Regularly review the updated version of the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Payment Policy, KYC Procedures and other additions to the Site.

11. Clients Prohibited
11.1. Examine the source code of the games / tournaments / lotteries offered on this portal, make any adjustments and create derivative works based on this, unless the Supplier has given written consent to such actions.

11.2. Provide third parties, including family members, access to any offers of the Site using their account.

11.3. Use the games presented on the portal in a way that interferes with their normal operation.

11.4. Use bots (programs that automatically perform any actions on the Site through the same interface as ordinary Clients), cheats (codes entered into the program to change the algorithm and gain additional benefits in games, tournaments, lotteries), other programs that interfere with normal the functioning of the Site.

11.5. Perform fraudulent actions in your interests (of the Client), including the use of stolen, cloned or otherwise illegally obtained wallet data.

11.6. Participate in any criminal activity, including money laundering and any other activity with criminal legal consequences;

11.7. To enter into or try to enter into a conspiracy, and / or intention to directly or indirectly participate in any arrangement with another User during a game on the Website.

11.8. Act as a representative of the Supplier.

11.9. Distribute copies of games for any purpose, for example, to provide access and / or download to certain individuals or a wide audience.

11.10. Translate the game into other languages ​​without the written permission of the Supplier.

11.11. To place advertising materials and any commercial offers, any other information on the Site, unless this placement is agreed in advance with the Supplier.

11.12. Post any information on the Site, use links. Also banned:

11.12.1. Not normative vocabulary.

11.12.2. Transfer of personal data of third parties without their consent.

11.12.3. Threats of violence or bodily harm.

11.12.4. Extremist, nationalist and other slogans.

11.12.5. Offensive remarks addressed to other users.

11.12.6. Publication of materials with elements of violence, cruelty, racial hatred.

11.12.7. Malicious programs, as well as links that may contain malware.

12.12.8. Publishing any information that the Provider deems inappropriate or objectionable.

11.13. Participants are prohibited from using the services and / or software for any illegal or fraudulent activity, or for any illegal or fraudulent transaction (including money laundering) in accordance with the laws of the country of your jurisdiction.
The supplier reserves the right at any time to suspend or block your and any other your accounts in the system and withhold funds.
In this case, you refuse any claims against the Supplier.

11.14. You are not allowed to use a game account to store funds.

12. Supplier Rights
12.1. Limit the functionality of the presented games / tournaments / lotteries in whole or in part at your discretion at any time.

12.2. Limit, expand, supplement or change any game on the portal, including any of its elements, without prior notice to the Client.

12.3. Change without notice to the User of the game / tournament / lottery, creating and installing new pieces of software in order to improve or change the game process.
Adding new features may result in suspension of access to certain elements of games / tournaments / lotteries.

12.4. Manage the Site and the game process, technical and other characteristics of the elements of the game / tournament / lottery at its own discretion; suspend or change the course of the game process without prior notice to the User.

12.12.5. You have committed interventions or other manipulations with the software of the Supplier and / or the Contractors of the Supplier in order to obtain non-legal benefits, to seize information and / or for the purpose of other criminal intent;

12.12.6. You use your account for purposes that are illegal under this law.

12.12.7. You post derogatory or abusive information on the Website;

12.12.8. You are suspected of any conspiracy with other Users;

12.12.9. Your actions relate to fraud against other resources or payment systems;

12.12.10. You are suspected of other types of fraud;

13. Warranties
13.1. By these Rules and Regulations, the Supplier guarantees the provision of the User access to any game, tournament and lottery of the Site, as well as the use of the Site Services.

13.2. According to the legislation of his country, the User has the right to use the games on the Site and take part in any tournament or lottery.

13.3. The user, in turn, guarantees that he will use the offers of the Site in a metered manner, with breaks to rest, to prevent health problems.

14. Customer Responsibility
14.1. Violations of the rules of games, tournaments or lotteries, Rules and Regulations, Privacy Policy, Payment Policies and KYC procedures may result in the following sanctions: - Deprivation of the Client’s right to use the game, participation in a tournament or lottery, blocking access to his Account, withdrawing funds from the Client’s account without warning the latter.

15. The supplier is not liable in such cases:
15.1. When the User uses any gaming portals to participate in a tournament or lottery;

15.2. The supplier does not provide any guarantees regarding uninterrupted access to games, tournaments and lotteries and the smooth operation of the portal;

15.3. For any delays in the functioning of games, tournaments and lotteries that were caused by a malfunction of the site, natural disasters, etc.

15.4. The supplier does not guarantee that

15.4.1. All proposed entertainment on the Site, as well as their quality, will meet the expectations and / or requirements of the Client;

15.4.2. Games and services will be continuous, will not contain viruses, defects, and errors will be corrected and / or deleted if detected;

15.4.3. Using the content of the Site and participating in games will be completely safe for the health of the user;

15.4.4. Site offers will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

15.5. The supplier periodically makes changes aimed at improving the quality of the game, its features, graphics, technical specifications.

15.6. All risks associated with the use of games fall on the Client.
The user is liable for any damage to his device, software, operating system, loss of data that was obtained by using this portal.

15.7. The Supplier is not responsible for the content posted by Users on the site and its games, tournaments or lotteries, as well as for any other actions of the Client in any game, tournament or lottery of the Application.

15.8. The Supplier is not responsible for the Customer clicking on the links posted by Users on the Site, the use of third-party content by customers and the installation of third-party software.

15.9. The supplier is not responsible for:

15.9.1. Illegal actions of Clients that prevent the use of game content by other Users;

15.9.2. Customer statements published on the Site, including disrespectful statements towards other users;

15.9.3. I’ll lose access to the created account (login, password, etc.);

14.9.4. The lack of User access to the Internet and the quality of the services of Internet access providers;

15.9.5. Direct or indirect losses of the Client, loss of profit resulting from the use or inability to use the game or other resources to participate in games, lotteries and tournaments.

16. Intellectual Property
16.1. This Site contains various materials and tools, including technology, design, software, texts, interfaces, images, video, sound design (hereinafter “Content”).
All intellectual property rights (hereinafter referred to as the "Rights") are held by the Supplier.

16.2. Since the entry into force of the Terms and Conditions between the Customer and the Provider, the latter provides the User with a personal, limited, non-transferable, non-licensable revocable license, which allows the Customer to access, view and use all offers of the Site, including participation in tournaments and lotteries and the use of other Site Services.
16.3. Users are prohibited from downloading (except in cases of proper use of the site), copying, recording, publishing, distributing Site Content.

17. What else does the user need to know:
17.1. By downloading or providing your PC through games / tournaments / lotteries or services, the Customer provides the Supplier with a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-licensable, irrevocable right to store, publish, print, distribute, reproduce, adapt, modify, transfer and use this PC for commercial goals, advertising.

17.2. By downloading or making your PC accessible to other Users through games / tournaments / lotteries or other services, the User agrees that:

17.2.1. Any part of the PC that includes any of the Supplier’s IP objects remains the property of the Supplier;

17.2.2. The user is not entitled to provide other users with any materials belonging to third parties;

17.2.3. The Client is prohibited from downloading a PC that violates the rights to IP, privacy or any other rights of third parties or violates these Terms and Conditions;

17.2.4. The user PC must comply with all legal requirements and must not contain any illegal or offensive materials that could result in the loss of the Supplier’s reputation;

17.2.5. The supplier is not liable for the PC of its users and does not provide PC support;

17.2.6. The supplier has the right to change, move, block, disable, delete or take any other actions that, in his opinion, violate any provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

18. Errors or shortcomings
18.1. In the process of using the

services of the Website, certain circumstances may arise when the payment was made with errors on the part of the User, in this case the website administration does not bear any responsibility for the errors of the User and does not return the funds transferred by the User erroneously.

18.2. The site administration is not responsible for any damage, including loss of winnings, resulting from a User error.

18.3. The Supplier and its licensees, distributors, subsidiaries, branches and all employees and directors are not responsible for any loss or damage that may be caused by the interception or misuse of any information transmitted via the Internet.