The privacy of customers' personal data is an integral element of the Agreement between the User and the Supplier.

This Client Data Policy is relevant for the Services offered on the Site, including games, lotteries and tournaments.

The policy regulates the use of personal data of Clients, protecting them from access by third parties.

Using the services of the Site, the User accepts this Policy and agrees to the use and storage of personal data.

This Policy contains explanations regarding the collection, processing, storage and protection of the User’s personal data.

The supplier guarantees absolute confidentiality of personal information of customers.

The Provider has the right to save and process the following data about the User:

  • Email Address;
  • Login;
  • Information about the language settings of the site (interface);
  • History of gaming activity;
  • History of financial transactions;
  • Any data that confirms the payment made by the Customer;
  • Data for support requests.

Customer information is not shared with third parties.

The exception is only authorized representatives of the Supplier.

The supplier has the right to use the personal data of customers in certain cases, namely:

  • for forming answers to questions, requests, complaints and appeals, as well as for technical support;
  • to transfer funds to a client account;
  • for analysis and control of the User’s game activity, tracking trends in order to improve the functionality and quality of the game process;
  • for the processing of information materials relating to the service of the Site, and the provision of such data to players, according to their preferences;
  • for sending Administrative notifications, updates, confirmations, warnings to the User;
  • for email marketing campaigns;
  • for any purpose that, in the opinion of the Supplier, requires the collection of personal data.

The user must adhere to the rules and provide the necessary data at the request of the Supplier.

The supplier has the right to use cookies and web beacons (hereinafter referred to as “information collection tools”).

Such data includes IP (Internet protocol addresses), browser type and language, ISP (Internet service provider), link / exit pages, URL addresses, date / time, operating systems, data in the information stream and other data.

This information excludes user identification and is used by the Supplier only for analysis of trends within the Site and its administration.

The user reserves the right to refuse to set cookies. However, the Supplier recommends not restricting cookies in order to prevent the Website from functioning incorrectly.

The Supplier is not responsible for the access of third parties to personal information at the initiative of the Client.

If the User wishes to close the account, it is necessary to send a corresponding request to the support service.

The supplier has the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy without notifying customers.

Customers are advised to regularly visit the site page to track relevant information regarding the Privacy Policy of personal information about users.