These Terms determine the KYC procedure for each client, User who uses the Services of the Provider.

Each definition is interpreted in only one way, as described in the text of the Treaty.

If the User uses the portal and / or the Services and Products of the portal, he is subject to the KYC procedure.

It applies to all Lotteries, Tournaments, Games and other activities / products / services provided by the Provider.

To participate in any activities on the portal, the User must:

Have 18 years or more to be an adult under the laws of the country in which the User resides, be an individual, not a legal entity.

Also, the User must fulfill the following conditions:

Enter all required data when registering on the resource:

  • Valid email
  • Unique login and strong password

All data will be verified by the Supplier.

If the User has entered deliberately false information, the Provider reserves the right to block or delete the account.

The user must create a unique login and password during account creation.

When logging into your account, use only this username and password.

Remember and protect the login and password from hacking, do not transmit this data to anyone.

In the event of intentional or unintentional transfer of the User’s login and password to third parties, the Supplier is not responsible for any actions performed with the account.

Use your username and password for personal use only.

independently replenish the account and take part in activities on the portal.

If fraudsters take possession of the data, the Supplier is not responsible for any events related to the account.

The correct username and password entitles the Supplier to consider all subsequent transactions valid and legal.

The Provider does not request a password from the User and is not responsible if the User uses publicly available data about himself as part of the password.

The user is fully responsible for the safety of personal data. Follow all the rules of safe access: do not save the username and password in the browser, log out and close the tab before leaving the computer / game gadget, do not log into your account in public places using public networks.

In case of suspicion of access to a third party account, inform the Supplier immediately.

If you suspect that minors are playing or otherwise using the portal products, also inform the Provider.

Users cannot receive monetary compensation from the Provider in the event of a password loss or other problems that prevent them from participating in activities, tournaments and lotteries.

The Provider always determines the User by password and login.

In this way, the Supplier also fulfills the obligations of responsible play and understanding of account replenishment mechanisms.

Any information necessary for the game and participation in activities on the site can be requested by the User through the Technical support of the resource.