Gewinnen +8%
für 30 Tag


Gewinnen +8%
für 30 Tag


Gewinnen +8%
für 30 Tag


Gewinnen +14%
für 15 Tag


Gewinnen +14%
für 15 Tag


Gewinnen +14%
für 15 Tag




The Economic Game works on cryptocurrency on the principle of "mutual assistance cash desk."

Each participant in the game receives his winnings solely through donations from another participant.

All the rules of the game are absolutely transparent, the fund which the participants create is fully visible on the game’s counter, all participants also have access to the counter of the total number of participants and the life of the game from its inception.

The entire fund created by the participants in the game is completely redistributed among all participants.

The economic game continues until the entire fund of the game is over.

After the fund is completely redistributed between all participants and is no longer replenished by participants, the game restarts (nullifies).

After the restart, the Economic Game begins anew.


Each participant in the game can invite another participant using his referral link and receive rewards from his referral.

It’s not necessary to have a personal deposit to receive a referral program.

The referral program is always active while your team is working.

You will receive a reward for every deposit your referral purchased.

The reward program has 4 lines :

  • - 3%
  • - 1%
  • - 1%
  • - 1%


The right game strategy is the most important aspect for your success and team success.
First, you and your team need to eliminate all possible risk of loss.
To do this, there are counters in the game:

  • Fund size
  • Balance of participants
  • Game lifetime

You, as a strategist, must assess the status of these funds.
If the size of the fund becomes less than the balance of participants, then you and your team should wait for the next start of the game to eliminate all possible risks of losses.
If the balance of the participants is less or approximately the same as the fund, then you can participate in the game according to the attached strategy.
The life of the game depends on each participant, so it is recommended to return the deposit to the game every time after it is fully received.
It is recommended to withdraw only the received interest income.

Recommended single player strategy:
It is not recommended to start the game immediately with the entire amount you have planned.
This amount must be divided into 4 equal parts and brought into the game every part weekly.
So you can track the dynamics of the game without risking the entire amount immediately.
If the dynamics are not high and unstable, you should refrain from making the following parts of your planned amount and wait until the game starts again.
If the dynamics are stable, pay all the parts of your planned amount as recommended.

Recommended strategy for team play:
You as a team leader should lead your team only to victory.
Therefore, you should minimize the risk of losing your team.
It is also recommended to split the amounts of your players into 4 equal parts and add each part to the game weekly.
In this case, always carefully monitor the dynamics of the game and adjust the work of your team.

The Economic Game is a highly profitable game.
You and your team have the opportunity to earn not only on the percentage offered by the rules and the referral program, but also on the difference in the rate of cryptocurrencies.
If the cryptocurrency rate rises during the game, you will receive additional profit.

We wish you maximum wins and minimum losses!