To receive referral bonuses and winnings, in Be sure to fill out all your wallets in the "Profile Settings " section.

Do not transfer passwords from your account or passwords from wallets to third parties, in order to avoid fraudulent schemes and theft of your funds.

What payment systems does the company work with?

- MAIN PRO GLOBAL LTD company works with the cryptocurrencies MAINCOIN, ETHEREUM, Tether USDT ERC20.

What if I don’t have a MAINCOIN wallet?

- You can open an electronic wallet for free on the official website - Maincoin Wallet

What commissions are there in the calculations?

- Commission for replenishment of the account - 0%

- Withdrawal of winnings - 0%

How to make a deposit or fund your account?

- For each game on the resource there is a regulation:

Economic games:

- In the field "Deposit Amount " minimum deposit amount is shown.

Enter your deposit amount in this field.

The deposit amount should be exactly the same as the amount of sending coins from your wallet. < / p>

The administration of the resource is not responsible for user errors.

In case of incorrect sending of the amount of coins from the user's wallet to open a deposit, the deposit will not be opened, and extra coins are not refundable.


The company's wallet address for replenishment of the balance is one-time and is valid only for a one-time replenishment of the balance!

To replenish the balance or replenish the balance with another currency, close the form with wallet address to replenish the balance and open a new form of replenishment of the balance.


If you replenish your balance with exchange wallets, you may be charged exchange fees, in this case the amount of your sending funds may differ from the amount to replenish your trading account the amount of commission charged by the exchange and a deposit in economic games will not be open.

What are the restrictions on the amount of funds when withdrawing winnings?

- There are no restrictions on the withdrawal of winnings.

On what days are applications for payment of winnings made?

- For each game on the resource there is a regulation:

Economic games:

- Application for payment is carried out once a week in automatic mode, on Thursdays.

Schedule of applications: From 1.00 Moscow time Thursday to 1.00 Moscow time on Friday.

What days are wins paid to the wallet?

- Payout schedule: From 1.00 Moscow time Friday to 1.00 MSC Sunday.